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LTE User Plane Simulation Model for INET & OMNeT++

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Device-to-device communications

Updated on June 21st, 2016

Main features are listed below:

  • One-to-one direct communications between UEs
  • PDCP, RLC, MAC and PHY modules extended for handling D2D flows
  • Specification of D2D capabilities for eNodeBs and UEs
  • Specification of D2D peering capabilities between UEs
  • CQI reporting procedures for D2D links
  • Different TX power for UL and D2D transmissions
  • Support for one-to-many D2D communications
In the simulations/d2d folder, you can find a readme file with the complete list of the added functionalities and instructions on how to run simulations. In the same folder, the omnetpp.ini file provides some examples of simulations with D2D flows.

For one-to-many D2D communications, please refer to simulations/d2d_multicast folder.

We encourage you to provide us feedback and/or to report bugs. Suggestions for improvements are very welcome!